So anyone who knows about me and my social media learning journey, knows that I love me some Nikki Woods! Check her out at  In fact, she is one of only three people whose Periscope broadcasts I check for daily. The other two are the fantastically fabulous Dr. Monikah Ogando and Jai Stone.  I’m sure we’ll talk more about them in a later article. But, I love Ms. Nikki Woods (I call pic for blog 10 roi1her Ms. Nikki Nikki – so nice you gotta say it twice), because she gives so many rich resources and steps in relation to media, marketing, and authorship, that I learn from her all of the time. On a broadcast she did the other day, she just happened to mention the fact that she has homework coaches for her children. Now, that was not at all what the scope was about, but I thought it was an excellent point to highlight for all of us who are on the journey of #RaisingBlackMillionaires. Would you like to know why? Let’s get into that.

Reason #1:

pic for blog 10 personal-development-coaching-word-cloud-38332208 I’ve never met one Millionaire or Billionaire (and I’ve met plenty) who didn’t subscribe to the essentials of receiving coaching. No, not ever! As a headstrong, Leo woman I can admit that there have been plenty of times throughout my life where I thought I knew it all. Yes, I am confessing this to the entire World Wide Web. However, after failing my very first attempt at business in my mid twenties, I was quickly met with the FACT that there’s a whole lot I don’t know. A whole lot. Accepting that wasn’t the only challenge. Part B of the challenge was humbling myself to seek and ask for help. That led me to more studies, pic for blog 10 roiwhere I discovered that the wealthy happily ask for help and regularly seek coaching.  So, why are we so afraid to admit when we don’t know and seek guidance?  I have no idea, but here’s one of those opportunities to give our children greater than we had by rearing them to always ask for help when necessary and always keep at least one good coach in their lives. Drawing on one’s own resourcefulness is important, but recognizing when more is needed just means you’re equally insightful.

Reason #2:

Ms. Nikki Woods stated that she pays for a homework coach for her children, because it helps her to stay on top of the demands of her own schedule as well as that of her children. The takeaway here is that it’s important for us to instill in our children the value of investing in ourselves in non-material ways.

Image converted using ifftoany

It amazes me how many of us are eager to spend $3500 on the latest big screen or gadget, but we have to mull over whether or not to spend $1500 for a coaching program or even $25 for a book that will give us the tools we need to improve our lives. Let’s do as Ms. Woods does and provide our children with an example of what it really means to invest in ourselves and see a return that is far greater than the “oohs” and “ahhs” we’ll get for showing up in the new Jordan’s or with the latest Louis Vuitton.pic for blog 10 New_Jordans_2015_04

What are some ways you’ll exemplify this to your children?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you missed Tuesday’s article, here it is: Rich People Don’t Gossip? Girl Please!  Until next time, be fruitful!


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